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At ATI we use only AMGA accredited climbing program in the southeastern United States, we strive to bring our clients "Excellence in Guiding and Instruction". We offer rock climbing and ice climbing trips and guiding throughout the Southeast including North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and Georgia. We tailor to individuals, families and groups, beginners through to experienced climbers. We offer skills courses and climbing classes at all experience levels for people seeking to expand their skills and knowledge. We also offer climbing instructor training and certifications through the AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor and AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Programs.

Bungie Jumpers

A pulse-pounding, gut-wrenching sport, bungee jumping tests your stamina, determination and willingness to pit your mettle against an exhilarating, even frightening experience. While Colorado does not have as many bungee jumping experiences as other states, it does have the No. 1-ranked bungee jumping experience in the world. Additionally, the state has bungee-like experiences near Glenwood Springs, Golden, Denver and a variety of locales that change annually.


A wave is nature’s way of transmitting energy, i.e. sound waves, light waves, radio waves etc, but ocean waves, originating from wind pushing water molecules into one another, are the only waves that we can ride on in a pro-active and playful way.

There really is nothing in this world like surfing. Its not an exact science, it is an art. How you choose to ride a wave may be different from any one else's ride. No two waves are exactly the same. Surfing is your opportunity to interact with a unique natural phenomena, a gift if you will.

My favorite part of surfing is riding inside the tube. This preference has led me to travel the world in search of the longest, most perfect hollow tube riding waves our planet has to offer. There's nothing like paddling out to perfect waves, in some exotic local, with just a few friends.

If you are an intermediate to advanced level surfer, I work as a personal or group guide in and out of the most challenging and beautiful and exotic surf spots known to man.