Special Teams

Special teams is considered minor, but can change the tempo or win games that are close.. Although there are not a lot of hall of famers in the NFL who played who played special teams, their careers usually last longer. There are 4 positions to play on special teams which are kicker, punter, and punt/ kick returner. The kicker is who kicks field goals which are worth 3-points. punters usually only step on the field when the offense can't score and 4th down is upon them, and a field goal is out of a kickers range. Kick and punt returners can be any position just set to return for the team and are usually speedy or explosive players.

This is a kickoff and kick-return formation. KR is kick-retuner and the rest on that side are people who block for them. K is the kicker and the rest lined up in his row tries to tackle the returner.

Below is a punt and punt return formations.