Ancient People of Italy

The Bronze Age

Some of the very first settlers of Italy were the ancient Sardinians best known for their stone towers called nuraghi. These towers can also be defined as early houses or furnaces. This was during the Bronze Age. Earlier forms of nuraghi were proto-nuraghi which weren’t as tall, but did cover a much larger area.

The Etruscans

The origins of the Etruscans has long been debated. Many ancient scholars believe that the Etruscans came to Italy from Lydia due to a horrible famine occurring their. The opposing argument is that Etruscans are indigenous this is due to the fact that their language is quite different from that of the Lydians.The Etruscans were master engineers and created the Cloaca Maxima or Rome’s sewer system which is still used today.The Etruscans were also the first people to create channels and irrigation ditches for farming. Etruscan lifestyle was very unique. Feasts were a large part of Etruscan society as well as music. In many occasions music and feasts were part of celebrations.

The Grecians

The ancient Grecians originated in Greece as a simple hunter-gatherer society. Although they first settled the Grecian Isles they later settled Italy. Grecians settled Italy’s coastline as well as Sicily. Their cities were called the Magna Graecia and were basically Grecian coastal cities in Italy. Despite the fact that they weren’t necessarily huge settlers of Italy they most certainly had a huge impact on its culture and society. For example how the Roman Gods originated from the Grecian gods and how the idea of democracy and philosophy came from Greece Influencing the Roman Senate.