Italy:An Ancient History

Welcome to Italy:A History! This website contains information regarding the histroy of Italy from the early history to the Renaissance or late 1500s. Currently Italy is a republic governed by Sergio Matarella.

Historical Places


The Colosseum


The Vatican

The Colosseum is an ancient gladitorial arena dating back to the age of the Roman empire. It was built by the Flavian Dynasty and finished when the Roman Emperor Titus ruled Italy. It's original purpose was to host bloody gladiator matches. Although later on it was used as a stage for plays, and housing, graveyards, and a castle in the medieval era.

Pompeii is an ancient coastal Roman city that was fossilized due to volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Vessuvius. Pompeii is one of the greatest historical sights because it was able to fossilize people and objects from the time period.

The Vatican was contrustucted in the Renaissance and is considered the greatest work of the Renaissance. The Vatican is one of the largest churches in the world and while it isn't the main Catholic church all Catholics consider it to be a very holy sight.